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The concept of Colorado High-Country Educational Treks is simple:  Provide access to outdoor education opportunities to those who are most underserved in our community. Through generous funding and donations of time, these treks are possible.  We are also intersted in making sure that the relationships you form with our students goes beyond the few days of the trek, and lasts a lifetime.  To this end, we work with our donors to provide a community give-back experience.  Your company may have a charitable cause that is favorited and needs people to help - our students will work with you hand in hand.  You may know an elderly neighbor who needs assistance with the upkeep of their home - these are the kind of projects that can make a huge difference in not only the receiver's life, but the giver's as well.  We firmly believe in people helping people in their community, with the anticipated outcome of inspired confidence in our youth to continue to serve their community and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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